Meet Us

Hi, we are Mike and Whitney Randall and we live in Charleston, South Carolina. We grew up camping with our families from very young ages, and share a deep love for adventure and the serenity found in God’s creation. We have two young girls, Gemma who is 4 and Nora who just turned 2. When we first started our family we decided that we wanted our children to grow up the same way we did, exploring and falling in love with the great outdoors. So we originally bought our first airstream for our own family to enjoy and escape our busy lives. We quickly realized that we wanted to share this dream of ours with other families and decided to start a new business venture.

We founded Carolina Camping Company in 2014 and officially launched in October with our first airstream named “Scout”. It was a dream years in the making. This was not the first airstream that we purchased. The first one we quickly realized was going to be way too much work to re-do on our own so we sold it and bought “Scout” who seemed in much better condition. After we dug a little deeper into the renovation of “Scout” we realized that while she looked beautiful on the outside, she was hiding some major issues. But like all great treasures in life, sometimes they just need a little love and they shine!

“Scout” went through a major overhaul including replacing the entire frame of the trailer because it was almost completely corroded. But with the talented team behind her, in a few months she was given a new frame, a new luxurious interior. “Scout” is finally finished and ready to give you and your family the vacation of a lifetime!

Our dream for Carolina Camping Company is to give families a unique vacation experience that will unite and inspire them to never stop growing, connecting and making memories of a lifetime. So unwind, relax and discover the beauty of God’s creation. Sometimes it just takes a few days surrounded by family and the great outdoors to rediscover the fearless explorer that lives within you.


Randall2013-3More About The Founders: 

Mike and Whitney live in Charleston, South Carolina with their two young girls. Together they run Branch Design Studio, a floral design studio that focuses on Weddings and Events in Charleston. They are also one of the founding members of The Supper Club Co., an organization that strives to bring community back to the dinner table.